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Paw Prints Dog Training School


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At Paw Prints we offer:


Gentle, effective training

Puppy Start

Good Manners for the family dog

Advanced obedience


Conformation classes

Evening classes

Canine Good Citizen certification

Private Lessons

Group Classes

All  dogs must be fully vaccinated and vaccination records are required

Paw Prints Puppy  Start

offers classes designed for puppies between 12 and 18 weeks of age.  We use a positive reinforcement, food reward method based on the work of British veterinarian and behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar.  Puppies learn to respond enthusiastically and reliably to commands and being to form good life-time habits.

Puppy Start is a 6-week xourse for puppy and family made easy and effective through class instruction and printd materials.  Puppies will respond to this happy approach to become well-mannered family companions.

Puppy Start includes:

  - A quick response to basic obedience commands such as come, sit, down, stay and heel.

  - Preventing or solving temperament problems such as shyness or aggression.

  - Mouthing and bite inhibition, as well as a “leave it” command.

  - Household manners including house-training, digging, jumping, and the prevention of destructive chewing.

  - Settle down training for quiet time in the house and when left alone

  - Socialization: puppy–to-puppy and puppy-to-people.


Paw Prints Good Manners

Is for all puppies and dogs over 18 weeks of age.  This program offers six hours of class instruction.  The course teaches sit, down, stay, stand, come, and walking on leash without pulling.  Problem-solving for jumping, digging, chewing, housebreaking and bolting through the door is covred.  The continuation oof this course is the Canine Good Citizen class.

Control is taught for challenging situations. 

A trained dog is a joy:

On a walk

When visiting the Veterinarian

When the doorbell rings

A dog should bring joy to a home not chaos.  Through training your dog can be a joy to live with.

Paw Prints Rally/Novice

Is for dogs that have completed one of the entry level courses.  This course prepares a dog for competition or just provides a greater opportunity for you and your dog to work as a team.  Heeling jumps, off lead recalls and off lead stays are just some of the material covered in this eight week course.

Included in the Puppy Start and Good Manners courses is one private lesson to be given within 3 months of completion of the course.

Paw Prints classes are offered at Four Loving Paws Veterinary Services, Inc. The facility offers a clean, indoor climate controlled and safe environment.

Nancy Schenck DVM (instructor)

Dr Schenck trained her first dog, a mixed breed, named Mingo, in 1968.  Wishing to compete in Obedience, she acquired an AKC registered Golden Retriever puppy, Max.  Max earned the highest obedience title offered at the time.  Since that time Dr. Schenck has trained and titled many dogs.  Her wins have included highest scoring dog in trial, Best in Show, number one conformation Flat Coated Retriever n the USA and top ten obedience Flat Coated Retriever in the country.  Since the early 70’s Dr. Schenck has earned numerous obedience, field and conformation titles.

                For over twenty years Dr. Schenck assisted and taught obedience classes for well known and respected author, Claire Koshar, “Dog Sports, from beginners to winners”.

                As a graduate from University of Florida Veterinary School, Dr. Schenck has practiced small animal medicine in Florida and Indiana.

Dr. Schenck is an internationally known breeder trainer, and handler of Flat Coated Retrievers.  In 1989, she judged Sweepstakes Classes for the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America, National Specialty in Michigan.  She has chaired multiple national committees, served as board member and Past-President of the Flat Coated Retriever Society of America.



Leslie Wilkinson (Administrator/instructor)

Mrs. Wilkinson is a trained educator, earning her degree in education from Indiana University. A lifetime dog owner, Mrs. Wilkinson has been competing with her Flat Coated Retrievers since 2005.  Her dogs have earned titles in both Rally obedience and Hunter Retriever Trials.


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  • "In the ten years we have been taking meticulous care of Jessie, our Yellow Lab, we have not found a more caring and professional vet clinic than this one. Keep up the great work."
    Jim Stanley - Brazil, IN