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We have a number of resources for you to learn about how to take better care of your pets. Browse around and look at our articles and pet videos. The best veterinary care for animals is ongoing nutrition and problem prevention. If you want to ask a question call (812) 448-1415 or email us and we'll promptly get back to you. Our office is very easy to get to, and you can find directions on our Contact Us page. You can also subscribe to our newsletter which is created especially for Brazil pet owners. In between your veterinary visits, your pet will benefit from you reading these free informative articles.

Four Loving Paws is:





lexible and accommodating

utrageously memorable

niquely informative

eliably compassionate.

Our commitment to you is to be the best friend of your best friend, dedicated to treating each and every patient as if they are our very own.The staff at Four Loving Paws Veterinary Services, Inc. knows how important your four-legged family member is to you and we are honored you have allowed us to provide the best care we can offer.

Vision: The Gentle Doctor

The Gentle Doctor represents the heart and soul of the veterinarian. It captures the essence of what it means to be the guardian of the animal kingdom. We take great pride in caring and nurturing our client's pets. Through preventative medicine and progressive advancements in technology we will continuously add value to our quality of service.

The Gentle Doctor is the ultimate symbol of the passion and determination to provide the highest standard of care and peace of mind to every patient, every client, everyday. It represents the human-animal bond; an almost unexplainable relationship we share with our pets that, more often than not, are closer than any human-human relationship. The essence of this bond is the foundation and spirit of veterinary medicine.

The ailing or injured puppy depicted is the focal point of the statue and symbolizes the human-animal bond. The Gentle Doctor was created with large feet for the strength to stand all day, and large hands, as they are the veterinarian’s most important examining tools.

"The Gentle Doctor ... reflects concern, affection, love, and the significance of life for all of God's creatures - great and small."

(Dr. Frank K. Ramsey)


We open between 9 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday with additional hours to 7 pm on Wednesday; as well as 9 am to 12 pm on Saturday.

Emergency services are available during office hours and after hours with our partner GuardianVets who have veterinary technicians and veterinarians on call 24/7. An emergency is any event in which we stop everything we're doing to address the needs of you and your pet. Drop-off services are available when there are no appointments or it is more convenient. Last-minute, work-in appointments can be taken; however please be prepared to wait for availability between our scheduled appointments.

Due to overwhelming demand, the appointments we have available are very important and highly sought. When appointments are made, we expect them to be kept. Appointment reminders are confirmed through text messaging, email, and/or phone the day prior to the appointment. When clients do not show it adversely affects those ill and injured pets who desperately needs to be seen. We have, as of 29 May 2015, instituted a fee, billed to the client, for the cost of the exam that has been missed.

After going through the effort to make the appointment, our office reminding you about the appointment the day before, and be a "no show" it is disheartening in light of how many other patients that need to be seen by the doctor and have been denied their opportunity. PLEASE have the courtesy to cancel your appointment 24 hours prior or this fee will be incurred.

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