JULY, 2016

SNAPSHOTS: 4-H Pet Show Saturday

By Ivy Jacobs, Times Staff Reporter

The Pet Show at the Purdue Extension Office was a crowd favorite during the 2016 Clay County 4-H Fair Saturday. Participants talked with local veterinarian and judge Nancy Schenck, providing details about their pets, how to care for them and, if possible, showed off some pet tricks during the competition.

Pets included in the show were cute and cuddly gerbils and Guinea pigs, a fish, and then the crowd showed some mixed reactions to the more reptilian portion of the show which included a snake, turtle, gecko and a Chilean rose-hair Tarantula.

The Pet Show took place in the air-conditioned basement at the Purdue Extension Office at the Clay County Fairgrounds.

If you have a question or pet-related topic for Dr. Schenck to discuss in an upcoming article, email it to 


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