21, 2019

Giving gifts of joy - toys, treats, and foreign bodies...

This time of year we associate gift giving and the Christmas spirit not only with each other, but with our pets.

14, 2019

Winter and Christmas hazards for your pets

The holidays can be a cheerful time of the year. I personally love the falling snow, the peace and serenity seen when all is quiet, and of course the joy of Christmas. 

13, 2019

Give your pet a Happy Holiday

The holidays are a time of celebration and rejoicing. Our pets, as family members, often join us in the festivities. There are, however, some potential disasters if precautions are not taken.

08, 2019

The Gift of Love

Christmas is a marvelous time of year. The season brings out the best in people. Heartfelt greetings are exchanged as well as gifts.A common gift during the holidays is a pet.


30, 2019

Danger! Danger!

There is a nip in the air, leaves are starting to fall and Christmas decorations are for sale in the stores. Winter is coming. With the change of seasons there is a greater chance of rodents coming indoors.

17, 2019

My pet is healthy! Why do I need to take him to the veterinarian?

No one knows your pet better than you. You are connected, you know every nuance in his behavior. You can see it in his eyes if he is not right, you know if something is wrong.


25, 2019

Tricks and treats may not be the best for your pets this Halloween

Pets can add so much to our All Hallows Eve, otherwise known as Halloween is upon us. What does this mean for our furkids?

13, 2019

Daily pet care critical for happy, healthy pets

Pets can add so much to our everyday life. They are there first thing in the morning wishing us a great day. They patiently wait for or return home and greet us with wags and purrs.



Oh! My aching bones!

There are many illness’s and conditions that affect not only us, but our pets as well. As we age, we may notice some soreness and stiffness in our joints.


Trifexis debate...

We've had this question asked several times since the new stories and sensationalizations were made on FaceBook.

15, 2019

What’s good for the Gander is not good for the Goose

For most of us, our pets are family members. We protect them, and provide food and shelter. It is in giving medications, that we sometimes, in our desire to help, do harm.



Don't let Heartworms cause Heartbreak!

Summer is here in full force.An evening stroll with your dog can quickly turn into a feeding frenzy for hungry mosquitoes. Not only is this a nuisance to you and your pets, but can be life threatening.


21, 2019

Dog Bites

Any dog can bite. Educate yourself, your children and others about dog bite prevention with this infographic from the American Veterinary Medical Association.

01, 2019

Taking care of your pets when the heat is on

It's hot out there. Unlike humans, whose sweating skin keeps them cool, pets like cats and dogs rely on panting and sweat glands between their toes.

17, 2016

SNAPSHOTS: 4-H Pet Show Saturday

The Pet Show at the Purdue Extension Office was a crowd favorite during the 2016 Clay County 4-H Fair Saturday. 


29, 2019

Want a happy well-adjusted pup? Use a crate

You have your new puppy. Being the good dog owner, you are prepared. You have bowls, a leash and collar, a “How to Train Your Puppy” book and an appointment at the veterinarians for a wellness exam and vaccines. What else do you need?

22, 2019

To Spay or Not to Spay… That is the Question….

All pet owners have a decision to make. Generally, this happens early in their pet’s life and that decision is, “Should I have my pet altered?” Whether you own a male or female, this is a decision that needs to be made.

15, 2019

Little pups grow up and mean big responsibility

Puppy breath, you love it or you hate it. What else do you know about your likes and dislikes in dogs? A new puppy can be a wonderful addition to a household, bringing joy and companionship for many years or it can be a nightmare.


04, 2019

No one likes an earache... Not even Fido…

Let’s talk ears! Dogs and cats have extremely good hearing but, unfortunately, they often develop problems with their ears that we, as owners, need to address.

05, 2016

Introducing Dr. Schenck

A life-long love of animals helped Nancy Schenck decide to become a veterinarian."I started working with a veterinarian clinic in junior high school. I walked the dogs, took care of them and developed a love of animals," Schenck said.


20, 2019

So, You Want to Breed Your Dog…

You look in the face of your trusty canine companion and ask, “How could I not breed you, you are the perfect dog?”But did you know, if your dog is of mixed heritage, you most likely will never get a pup from her that is even close to her in looks and temperament.

16, 2019

Canine flu - Our rendition

Canine Influenza (or dog flu) is not in our area... for now. We are all relatively familiar with the human flu virus and how the seasons change regarding the type of virus (strain) affecting us from one year to the next, vaccines for the flu, and to some degree what to expect... but what about the "dog flu"?


16, 2019

Look for Problems Through your Pets Eyes

Our pets are part of our family, and like family members, sometimes they can be exposed to household hazards.


26, 2019

Safer living through Crating

Most people when first exposed to crates for dogs are offended. They picture themselves incarcerated. Dogs on the other hand, are den dwellers by nature. 

19, 2019

Pets can benefit from a New Year's makeover

Like ourselves, our pets need to be at a healthy weight with good muscle tone to look and feel their best and decrease the risk of disease. Don’t neglect your pet when you resolve to “get in shape”.

05, 2019

A healthy cat is a happy one

Cats have a unique set of possible medical problems. Some very serious to the life of our pet, others more of an annoyance.

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